Chipotle - Gypsum


Unlike just about every other ingredient on the Chipotle menu, gypsum doesn’t start on a farm or ranch—and isn’t “raised,” per se. It is a naturally occurring mineral that is mined from a quarry, then ground into a consistent powder… kinda like salt. Just as rennet is used to make cheese from milk, tofu makers add gypsum to freshly made soy milk to separate the curds and whey. The whey is drained off and the curds are pressed together to form blocks of tofu.


Coming soon to a planet near you

Among the most exciting discoveries the Mars Rover made on Mars is, wait for it, gypsum (pausing for applause). Gypsum crystals form when the mineral comes into contact with water, and evidence of the presence of water means there could possibly have been life in that very spot once upon a time. Who knows, perhaps several light-years from here, someone in the very near future will be reading this from a holographic mobile device at a Chipotle in a galaxy far, far away.