Chipotle - Jalapeno


You may be wondering why your fresh tomato salsa is spicier on some days than others. One word, four syllables: jalapeños (check out that ñ). Every day, we chop our jalapeños in our restaurants by hand, with the peppers ranging from mild to medium spiciness depending on when and where they’re grown. But don’t worry: our crew is trained to taste as they go and adjust accordingly. Your taste buds are in good hands.


Unidentified Spicy Objects (USO)

In 1982, astronaut Bill Lenoir took jalapeños on the Space Shuttle Columbia while on a mission to be the first space-rated orbiter in NASA's Space Shuttle fleet. But an even bigger milestone in space exploration occurred in 2016, when Canada's Chris Hadfield, out of his packaged rations, made what's believed to be the first space burrito. Clearly a giant leap for burrito-kind.