Chipotle - Lime Juice

Lime Juice

The limes we buy are grown using fresh-growing practices that adhere to USDA protocols regarding pesticide use. Other than being green, limes have more sugar, with a more bitter taste as well as higher acidity than lemons. They’re also smaller—on average, 1 gallon of citrus juice at our restaurants is made with about 63 limes and only 25 lemons. Cute.


Vitamin sea

The use of lime to treat scurvy (symptoms include weakness, fatigue, sore body parts, that kind of thing) was once a closely guarded military secret. When sailors at sea for long periods developed diseases from a lack of nutrients, the UK's Royal Navy added lime juice (and vitamin C) to their daily rations—thus giving them an advantage over other national navies and the rather apt nickname "Limey."