Chipotle - Salt


Just like the food you make at home, salt is in most of our menu items. We use kosher salt to season the food we prepare in our restaurants from scratch, like our guac, cilantro-lime rice, and fresh tomato salsa, and to season the food cooked in our central kitchens, including our Barbacoa, Sofritas, and black beans. As in many professional kitchens, we use kosher salt because its larger, coarser flakes allow for even seasoning. For a closer look, just hold a tortilla chip close to your face. Really close. Then eat it (because it’s delicious).



Upon the observation that food was more easily swallowed when eaten with salt, the expression to take something "with a grain of salt" was born. Except it means instead of food, you swallow information. And instead of actual salt, you take the information with a healthy dose of skepticism. At Chipotle, we use far simpler expressions. So when we say to take something with a grain of salt, sprinkled atop a tortilla chip and dipped in guac, that’s exactly what we mean.