Chipotle - Thyme


Thyme is an aromatic evergreen herb that’s related to oregano and smells a bit like mint and lemon. We use the real thing, rather than added flavors or extracts, to make our Carnitas. Before cooking, we season our pork with a blend of thyme, salt, black pepper, ground bay leaf and cracked juniper berries, patiently waiting for the flavors to permeate the meat—because thyme, after all, is of the essence.


Thyme flies when you're having burritos

Before the days of asking for bravery by way of internet likes, it was customary for Roman soldiers to exchange sprigs of thyme ahead of battle. Hence, in the face of adversity, we now give you permission to throw your Carnitas burrito in the air like you just don't care. We won't judge (everyone else might, but whatever).