Chipotle - Water


Day hikers crave it. Mars rovers search for it. It’s the one, the only… DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE. Chances are, you’re pretty familiar with this one already, but in Chipotle world, water is an essential ingredient in almost everything we make. From our tasty beans and chewy tortillas to the adobo marinade that makes our chicken and steak so juicy and tender, H2O is basically our OG. Our BFF. Our MVP. 


Save it, don’t spray it

The food we serve at Chipotle wouldn't be possible without water. Because 80% of all the water consumed in the US goes to agriculture, we're all for sourcing our ingredients from farmers who do what they can to conserve it. It's why some of the produce we source are grown using drip irrigation, which is a fancy way to say our farmers send water to the root of the plants to avoid over-watering them or wasting water through evaporation as it’s sprayed through the air. As an added bonus, it also keeps soil in place to reduce erosion.